Toronto Bath Liner Services

Dr. Tubs Reglazing is now offering Bath Liner Services for your bathtub and tub-surround. Our liners are custom-made and manufactured in Canada from the strongest acrylic around. They are high impact, high resistant and are made to fit right over the existing tub and tile. They come in white and the wall-surround can come in a mock-ceramic tile.

Toronto Bath Liner Services

Why buy tub-liners from Dr. Tubs Reglazing?

  • Offering only Canadian-made acrylic liners from Quebec’s Miracle-Tub
  • Well-manufactured & strong
  • High-impact high resistant
  • Custom made to fit perfectly over your existing bathtub and walls
  • Get a new bathtub and/or wall-surround in 1 day
  • Holds heat and water very well; Comes with an anti-slip surface
  • No need to throw away your old tub with the bathwater
  • Change the look of your bathroom in less time that it would take to replace
  • No headaches, no mess
  • Tub liner is 1/4″ thick; tub surround is 1/8″ thick
  • Offering “ceramic wall tile” – patterned wall surround
  • Quick service
  • 5 year Diamond Warranty
  • Dr. Tubs knows Tubs; it’s in our name!

Dr. Tubs Reglazing has started selling bathtub liners from the famous Miracle-Tub, a leading Canadian manufacturer and distributer of tub and surround liners. Miracle-Tub has been producing exact fit liners for bathtubs in homes, apartments, hotels and motels for over 30 years. They only use high quality non-porous acrylic that won’t chip, dent, stain or fade and best of all, it’s easy to clean with any non-abrasive liquid soap and a soft cotton cloth. There is no need to rip out your existing tub when you can save money and have your bathroom looking brand new.

Call 416-630-9143 and ask about having your bathtub and wall-surround custom lined with the strongest, Canadian-made, high-impact high resistant acrylic liners on the market. Trust the Doctor, that’s the bottom Line-r.