Sink Reglazing Services Toronto

Resurfaced farmer sink by Dr Tubs ReglazingRefinishing a sink is a great option. It should be considered for your cast iron sinks, laundry tubs, old mop sinks and even bathroom pedestal sinks. Like bathtubs, the shapes, sizes and materials used have changed over the years so often it is difficult to find a similar type sink that fits the area. If there is nothing inherently wrong with the sink, (for example, rust), and there are no plastic or metal lips around it, then refinish it. The colour can be changed, small blemishes or imperfections can be fixed and once it is refinished, it will brighten up your bathroom. It will be shiny and smooth and easy to care for.

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Sink Refinishing, Tile and Sink Refinishing, Repair Toronto, ON
Sink refinishing, tubs, tile & sink repair in Toronto. Dr. Tubs Reglazing refinishes sinks, cast iron sinks, laundry tubs, old mop sinks, bathroom pedestal sinks.